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#01: The Idea and The MVP

July 27, 2020

The idea πŸ’‘

A slipstream is defined as β€œThe area behind a vehicle moving through something where there is not so much air resistance (if moving through air. This can be used to gain speed before overtaking someone in a race.) β€œ- Urban Dictionary

The world (and the internet) is full of amazing knowledge and experiences, created and discovered by people who took the time and effort to go further into the unknown than the rest of us. They learnt something, and then they decided to share it. Through that, we, as the human species, benefited.

I have been able to find, learn and grow over these past few years due to the amazing content and knowledge left behind by those that worked hard in their respective fields and lives.

I have tapped into "the slipstream" left behind by the humans who came before me. I have found some of the resources and ideas incredibly valuable in my own growth and development. This newsletter is a medium that extends The Slipstream further, wider and with emphasis on the best of content.


Quote to considerπŸ“œ


"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" - Isaac Newton



Healthy body πŸ’ͺ🏽

Sleep is everything

This podcast on sleep with Matthew walker was a gold mine of knowledge. As someone who has been trying to hack sleep for many years, this has been the best resource I have come across. It reminded me how important sleep is and universal across all aspects of life.

If you are lacking on energy, emotional resilience and even mental stamina, chances are your foundation of health, your sleep, is being sacrificed.


Healthy mind 🧠

The Art of Communication

The Art of Communication by Thich Naht Han is a wonderful, calming and meditative exploration into the profound effect communication has on our lives. We do not merely communicate out, we are also communicated with, and careful choice of what we put into our bodies (and minds) as well as what we put out is the pathway towards better living.

This is something I believe can be of tremendous benefit to everyone.


Designing products πŸ’»

Superhuman or super-spying?

Superhuman is a product you may not have come across, but in the US it is taking off. In fact, they raised a decent amount of funding and garnered respect in the industry as product innovators. In this NfX article, they are praised for adding in large amounts of human effort to the customer experience, and share a great deal of insight into building and launching great products. These seem customer-centric as first - "Rather than focus on features that users need, we focus on how software makes a user feel."

However, in their quest to create amazing features and grow to please investors, they had designed against a core value of their users - privacy. In this large expose, the author goes on to show how Superhuman's data collection on email opens and locations are tantamount to spying. Their prolific use of "spying pixels" is an abuse of our privacy and goes against good, responsible and ethical design.


Become better βš™οΈ

A massive life hack to get you on track

Habit Tracker might be as simple as a sheet of paper, but I can guarantee it's one of the highest levers of productivity you can employ in your life. In this post, James Clear lays out his ultimate productivity tracking system to build regular habits.

Through using it myself for a month, I have maintained a consistent running, meditation and journaling habit, among other things. Small disclaimer though, I have been reading his book, Atomic Habits, which is quite excellent at making any kind of change to your habits and life.


How we think πŸ€”

What is the Dunning-Kruger effect?

The Dunning-Kruger effect has become a buzzword in certain circles, but what is it? Quite simply, it refers to the phenomenon that high performers tend to subjectively underestimate their ability, while poor or inexperienced performers tend to overestimate their ability. This is an important psychology in many settings. For example, a lower-skilled salesman with little technical or product knowledge will tend to oversell the products ability, but an experienced coder might be caught up in the things he is currently struggling with and fail to talk about the stuff that he is actually good at and hence undersell his own ability.

Bottom-line: Be skeptical when listening to others own judgement of their abilities - ask for or seek an objective measure as proof of their skill


The meme museum πŸ₯‡

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