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#31: Stress reduction, product management and our biggest problem

February 22, 2021

Ponder this quote 💭

"When you are not practicing, remember, someone is practicing, and when you meet him, he will win - Bill Bradley

Healthy mind 😌

Stress reduction by green landscapes

Something we might have all felt before is the relaxing and rejuvenative aspect of nature. Now, science has supported this effect, linking it to our reaction to seeing a lot of green in the environment. There was also a discussion of the fractal patterns of trees also having a neuro-calming effect, but further work is needed. 

What’s great to know is that there’s even more reason to go outside and walk/ run/ cycle in nature. Given that we have millions of years of evolution in the natural outdoor environment encoded in our DNA, it’s actually no surprise that we get so much benefit from being close to and connected with nature. 

🔖 Read: Neuroimaging study provides new details on the link between stress reduction and green urban landscapes

Entrepreneurship/ wealth 🧠

How to get into Product Management

It took me a winding path to become a Product Manager, but as it turns out, that’s the norm. 

Product management is a nexus of disciplines, forming a central and coordinating role in the company centred around producing the most optimal product(s). 

There are many ways to get into this space, and the article authored by Lenny (who is a legend in the field) will give you a really great understanding, and advice, on how to do just that. 

🔖 Read: How To Get Into Product Management (And Thrive) - Lenny Rachitsky

Live better 💪

Fat, Happy and in over your head

I enjoyed this cautionary tale of We Work and how avarice can corrupt our lives. When constantly desiring for more, we can over inflate our own worth. This can serve to do the opposite of what we truly desire - which is live a life of true value.

“Having no sense of enough can be a liability masquerading as an advantage.”

When we do not set boundaries on our goals and desires, we tend to fall into the habit of always running after them. There is no definition of enough, so we cannot stop and make time for other aspects of life.

Knowing when you have achieved and acquired enough is freeing. It allows you to pursue the other aspects of a holistic life.

🔖 Read: Fat, Happy, And In Over Your Head - Morgan Housel

Live better 💪

The lazy way to an awesome life

This piece on living an awesome life was more practical than I expected it to be. It gives you actionable advice on how to inspect your life for clues, which was a great idea. It makes you feel like an adventurer or scientist on an amazing quest. 

This is not by accident. Science has shown the power of gamification, gamifying a task, activity or interaction. Humans all respond to rewards, and when you discover how you respond, you’ll find it much easier to create an environment and a life that leads to better outcomes. 

🔖 Read: The Lazy Way To An Awesome Life: 3 Secrets Backed By Research - Eric Barker

Stay woke 👀​

The biggest economic, social and political issue we face

In this brilliantly laid out and data-driven piece Ray Dalio walks you through economic data showing how two populations in the world, the upper 40% and lower 60%, have grown apart and more unequal over the years. 

The biggest issue - economic inequality. This is not merely the difference between those that have white collar jobs or blue collar jobs, though that is a significant difference as well. This is aimed more towards the top 1% and the top 1% of the top 1%, who have as much wealth as hundreds of millions of people. This disparity is being played out in the various disturbances and civil unrest we are facing. 

If you look carefully, most issues get openly discussed and protested against, yet the wealth of the upper elite and the growing inequality they seem to be promoting and sponsoring is something that is often sidelined. After all, the media and government have already been paid by them. 

🔖 Read: Our Biggest Economic, Social, and Political Issue - Ray Dalio

Meme museum🥇

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