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#30: Network authentically, consume less and find “enough”

February 15, 2021

Ponder this quote 💭

"You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around - Steve Jobs

Entrepreneurship/ wealth 🧠

Is it time to learn or to earn?

I loved this advice from Mark, who's advice comes from deep experience as an entrepreneur himself. He describes two phases - the first one being where you learn and gain experience. Once you have aligned yourself with successful people and organisations and gained enough experience, it is time to putt that knowledge to use and shift to earning.

The journey of entrepreneurship is so vast and diverse, it feels like a disservice to try to encompass it under one name. Primarily, it is a journey of inner discovery and growth. One’s outer success is largely a function of one’s inner success - i.e. your material success is a function of how well you can manage your inner state - your desires, impulses, goals within the context of your own strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, it’s a journey of continuous learning though at some point you would have gained enough experience that you can channel that energy productively and creatively outward. This is when it’s time to earn.

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Think better 🤔

Why are ideas getting harder to find?

The burden of knowledge refers to the fact that as the science of a particular field develops, it takes that much longer and more work for a new person to understand it and get up to speed on the latest breakthroughs. This is because a fundamental understanding of a certain field is required before one can have sufficient mastery to innovate and discover breakthroughs.

As the article shows, we are heading to a future where more complex problems require larger teams of more specialised knowledge to piece together a more accurate understanding of the problem and potential solutions.

While this may signal the age of the generalist is over, the glimmer of artificial intelligence looks to offer a revolutionary solution to this ever growing burden of knowledge.

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Live better 💪

Fat, Happy and in over your head

I enjoyed this cautionary tale of We Work and how avarice can corrupt our lives. When constantly desiring for more, we can over inflate our own worth. This can serve to do the opposite of what we truly desire - which is live a life of true value.

“Having no sense of enough can be a liability masquerading as an advantage.”

When we do not set boundaries on our goals and desires, we tend to fall into the habit of always running after them. There is no definition of enough, so we cannot stop and make time for other aspects of life.

Knowing when you have achieved and acquired enough is freeing. It allows you to pursue the other aspects of a holistic life.

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Become better 💪

How to network Authentically and transform your life

I don’t know about you, but networking always seemed to me like a scummy thing to do. It felt superficial and disingenuous. Nowadays, I think differently about it.

After listening to most effective and knowledgeable people on the topic, I realised they all had a different way of framing it - being useful to people. That framing is what makes them so good at it.

In the podcast shared, Keith explains his own method of leading with authenticity and genuinely trying to be useful to someone in their life. I know I personally benefit from this framing, and ever since employing it a few years ago found networking a much more enjoyable activity. It’s basically the adult version of making friends.

If you’re looking to make new friends, try asking someone if you can help them. Or just do it anyways. It goes a long way.

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Stay woke 👀​

Why over-consumption (by the affluent) is ruining our world

In the interesting study shared, it turns out that all our initiatives to save our planet are not enough. The solution that we really need is to stop the affluent from consuming so much. And that includes most of the people reading this newsletter. Yea, you and me.

When you look deeply behind our current technology fueled lifestyle, you’ll see that the cost is being paid heavily by the environment. Coupled that with an economy that is built to only go up and you can see why we have an abundance of useless things but not enough true prosperity. More so, the environment is a part of us, and so we are starting to all bear the consequences of this rapacious lifestyle.

The excess energy demands needed to fuel people’s current first-world lifestyles and produce the technologies they constantly desire is resulting in a mass depletion of the Earth, taking us to a devastating and dystopian future.

Why is this the case? Well, capitalism and it’s offshoot, consumerism. Both have morphed into overwhelming forces that prey upon individual hard-wiring. The solution? A more conscious move toward minimalism and the weirdly unfamiliar concept of “enough”.

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