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#29: Passive income and multiple income streams

February 8, 2021

Ponder this quote 💭

"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are" - Anais Nin

Healthy body 🏋️

How important is the timing of meals for weight loss?

It turns out, moderately important. While the actual diet breakdown in terms of nutrition and calories makes a more significant impact, science has shown that given an iso-caloric diet (the same calories), eating earlier in the day results in more weight loss. 

Multiple explanations are behind this. The one that I subscribe to is that by eating earlier, your body makes these calories available for you earlier to burn through during the day. Eating later will result in your having energy when you do not need it as much, in which case your body will store them as glycogen and fat. 

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Entrepreneurship/ wealth 🧠

Building multiple income streams

I don’t know about you, but last year made it quite clear to me how precarious this entire economy is - being ready to fail or get disrupted at a moment’s notice. As such, having your income solely derived from one channel can be a disaster waiting to happen. Resiliency is something you need to have not just mentally, emotionally and physically - but also financially as well. 

This is why I’ll be sharing a lot more content like the featured article below. I want to give you as many different ideas and ways to make money today, and more importantly, tomorrow. From Youtube ads to drop-shipping printed mugs, you can definitely find something to start working on.

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Crypto corner 💰

Guaranteed passive income. Say what?

The holy grail is finally here - an automated way to grow (and protect) your wealth. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are revolutionising multiple, and eventually all, industries. The promise of decentralisation, coupled with true permission-less participation means crypto brings the original promises of the internet to reality. 

Current internet companies today are overly profiting from our data, seeking to extract as much attention and value as possible. The companies of the future are the ones that will want to reward us for our attention and value. One such project is COTI, which is bringing payments processing to a high velocity space. Imagine if you could get a share in a company like Stripe and be rewarded by continuously having a stake in them. 

That’s how the new model of passive income via staking (proof of stake) works. 


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Become better 💪

Finding a mentor

Mentors have long been known to be an essential part of one’s journey to growth and self-discovery. Mentors are supposed to have the answers, to provide guidance and support in the darkest of times. Yet I find that mentors aren’t that easy to come by. And it can be awkward to ask someone to be a mentor. The best advice I’ve heard on that is to not ask at all. 

A real mentor will help you if you come to them with a specific problem, and most prefer that than committing to a vague relationship with a nebulous title. 

If you want to find a mentor, the shared article provides some handy, practical advice. I think looking for one can be quite beneficial, especially when you want to take a large step towards a new direction in life.

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Stay woke 👀​

The Key to Defeating COVID-19 Already Exists - we are being kept from it

According to the article’s author, Dr Risch, a Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health:

“When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.”

This article came out in August last year, and this was months after doctors and other medical professionals were claiming they were seeing positive results when trialing the already available medication. Why weren’t the WHO and the powers that be pushing the research into this and other reportedly effective treatments. Seeing  someone with deep expertise in the field being confused and frustrated with the response taken makes me question the overall narrative we are seeing, and being told. 

Is there something deeper going on? I really want to know what you think about this, so drop me a reply if you have any thoughts.

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Meme museum🥇

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