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#28: Profits over pandemic, NO boost and a Navy SEAL’s mindset

February 1, 2021

Ponder this quote 💭

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune." -Jim Rohn

Healthy body 🏋️

Increase your Nitric Oxide (NO) Levels Naturally

Nitric Oxide is an essential compound in the human body and is a powerful vasodilator. This means it allows your blood vessels to open up and for more blood to pump through your body. It helps at preventing cardiovascular disease, improves brain functioning and enhances physical performance.

In the article shared you’ll find multiple ways to increase your body’s levels naturally, resulting in you feeling and functioning better. One of my favourites... exercise!

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Designing products 💻

The never ending road to Product Market fit

Product market fit always seems like some elusive point in the future, but if one hits it then your business can shift from building to growth. But knowing when a company has reached product-market fit is not a straightforward task, as one can slice it many different ways.

What Brian proposes in his framework is to rather have a system to continuously measure product-market fit and iterate upon it. In the article shared, he goes through specific examples and tests you can use to measure the engagement and satisfaction of your users and how to take your business closer to that point of product-market fit.

🔖 Read: The Never Ending Road To Product Market Fit — Brian Balfour

Live better 💪

The four quadrants of conformism

This was another excellent piece from Paul Graham that will expand your view on society and how we humans function within it.

Using a simple 2 by 2 matrix, one can group people along their thinking as either passive/ aggressive and conformist/ non-conformist. 

We all know passive conformist thinkers - the “sheeple” of our society that do what they’re told and follow the rules. On the opposite spectrum we have the aggressive non-conformist thinkers, those that (always) question the rules and willingly act to change or improve them. We know those kinds of people as well. I think we all find ourselves in these various modes of thinking, but each of us also has a default mode. 


🔖 Read: The four quadrants of conformism - Paul Graham

Live better 💪

Tackling goals like a Navy SEAL

How does one maintain focus, commitment and perseverance in the attainment of goals? I think the key is having a system of beliefs and philosophies that will direct and focus you in challenging times. After all, setting the goal is the easy part. The hard part if showing up and doing the work it takes to get there, day in and day out.

In the shared podcast, Navy SEAL Chadd Wright shares his own mental and spiritual framework that helped him conquer incredible obstacles and achieve physical feats in his life. It was a great, calming listen and after listening and digesting the wisdom you’ll be inspired and motivated to achieve almost anything.

“Be aware of the Power of the Spoken Word” - Chadd Wright

📺 Watch/ 🎧 Listen:  Tackle Goals Like A Navy SEAL: Chadd Wright | Rich Roll

Stay woke 👀​

Profits over Pandemic

In case you didn’t know, the ultra elite have had a record year in 2020. According to recent numbers, billionaires gained over $1 Trillion while it was calculated that the masses lost an equivalent amount during the same period. I’m sure it was a coincidence though, right? 

In the featured article, you will see how this plan was underway long before covid entered the common vocabulary. Extreme amounts of debt and money printing, combined with oligarchic rule, has resulted in the mess of society we see today. The pandemic has only served to provide cover while those in power steal and jeopardize the future like never before. Our future is being plundered from us while we are told to stay indoors and keep quiet. We must speak out, we must revolt! 

🔖 Read: Profits Over Pandemic — Hampton Institute

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