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#21: Flow, focus and designing your best day

December 14, 2020

Ponder this quote 💭

“Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. It is the sole remedy against misfortune, the very ventilation of the soul.” - Balthasar Gracian

Live better 💪

Designing your day

I loved this sneak peek into Brian Balfour’s schedule. Being a successful entrepreneur, writer and growth hacker, I have been curious about the way he lives his life to achieve the outcomes he does. Learning how successful people live their lives provides a good starting point to maximising your own output if you want to achieve similar outcomes. 

A few tips I picked up were the emphasis on sleep (8.5 hours) and the specific time dedicated to writing (1 hour) and email (1.5 hours), which was counted separately from deep work (4 hours). 

🔖 Read: How I Design My Day To Maximize Mental Energy — Brian Balfour

Entrepreneurship 🧠

Validating your business idea with the 80-20 rule

This was an excellent walkthrough by Justin Mares, showing us how he managed to validate his business idea in two weeks and with less than $100. Not even a year later it was doing 6 figures. 

The process he goes through is very aligned with Lean thinking, and makes you think - what product could you sell? Or rather, what product idea could you validate quickly using his methodology?

🔖 Read: 80-20 Business Idea Validation (Fastest way to start a Business)

Think better 🤔

Why we struggle to solve complex problems together

As society gets more complex, the problems that arise are often the result of the interplay of many different fields and systems. As such, the solution and implementation thereof requires the coordination of large numbers of people, something that we are not inherently built to do. 

In the article below, the author explains why we have trouble coordinating on a large level and brings in game theory to make sense of it all. 

🔖 Read: Coordination Problems: What It Takes to Change the World - Shane Parrish

Work better 💪

Focus: The secret to high performance and fulfilment

In this lecture on focus, Daniel Goleman gives some deep insights into the science of focus. You will learn the key triggers, traits and mental hacks that let you access this power, and also the reasons why. As mentioned in prior Slipstreams, the “flow state” is an incredibly productive and emotionally fulfilling state. Being able to focus is essential to enabling this in your life. 

🔖 Read: Daniel Goleman on Focus: The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment

Become better 💪

The secret to flow state and becoming your best self

Get your dose of inspirational wisdom in this short video by Robin Sharma. Learn how your attention is being taken away and how to counteract it by focusing on developing a skill. 

This video pairs nicely with Goleman’s lecture above, showing a different view of the same phenomenon - flow, habit and happiness. Hopefully after watching this you’ll be better motivated and equipped to engineer a better environment to enable more flow in your life. 

📺 Watch: Only The TOP 5% Of The Population Knows THIS! - Robin Sharma

‍Stay woke 👀​

The dystopia is slowly forming around us, but we can resist

In this prescient TED talk in 2017, Zeynep sheds light on how much of the internet and platforms we use today thrive on ad revenue. As a result, the development of the technology over the many years of the internet’s advancement has been towards making us more malleable and marketable towards clicking ads. 

This may seem just the consequence of competitive behaviour, but the tools and products generated in the pursuit of this goal has given weapons of persuasion to anyone with a few dollars and an email account. It’s no wonder that we are now in this information war. 

The first step to overcoming this war, however, is being aware of it.  

📺 Watch: Zeynep Tufekci: We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads

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