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#18: Sleep tech, millionaire skills and the way of the samurai

November 23, 2020

Ponder this quote 💭

“Dogs bark at what they cannot understand” - Heraclitus

Healthy body 🏋️

Upgrade your sleep with some sleep tech!

Sleep is something I will always hammer home as a foundational aspect of health, well being and overall life satisfaction. I forget where I came across this quote, but I return to it often - “Success is a good night’s sleep”. 

In this short video, Nat walks us through the various types of equipment he has tested in his pursuit to get better sleep. Thanks to the amount of effort he put in, we can just leverage the learnings and just jump straight to the tools recommended for the various problems, at least those that actually work. Next on my list - the Oura ring!

📺 Watch: I Spent $4,505 on Tech to Sleep Better. (Here's Why) - Nat Eliason

Entrepreneurship  🧠

The skills that millionaires master

People always tell me how they “could never become an entrepreneur”. Mostly this is because they don’t have an idea of the skills they need to create and grow businesses. And when you don’t know what it takes, your brain imagines it to be more difficult than it actually is.  

In the featured video Dan breaks down the key skills successful entrepreneurs master. Reflect upon this with regards to your own skills, and identify the skills you still need to build a successful business. It is then a matter of working towards gaining those skills either by working on them yourself or by seeking good teammates that will complement your skillset in a team.

📺 Watch: 6 Skills That Millionaires Master - Dan Martell‍

Designing products 💻

Co-creating, the way products should be built

Most product development today can be overly focused on strategy, product roadmaps and what the author refers to as validating. Validation is the process of getting proof (confirmation) that what you’ve built is correct and effective. In many cases, this validation step is too late in the design process, often not leaving enough time to take action on the feedback and ideas from the customers. 

The solution? Co-create with your customers. Get feedback as early as possible and involve the customer as a key stakeholder in the product development team.

🔖 Read: Stop validating and start co-creating - Teresa Torres

Think better 🤔

Why the pandemic will just end up a blurry memory for most

The human mind has evolved many interesting features, and one of them is memory. Memory has its origins in helping maintain a spatial awareness of things - to remember places, rivers, dangers and food. As we travel to new places, see more of the world, our experiences (and memories) are more salient as we take them against the backdrop of new scenery and places. There’s more new things to remember, more signal against the monotony of everyday life. 

The lockdown, unfortunately, works counter to our biology in this regard. By being confined to the same (limited) spaces, day in and day out, forming salient memories becomes a harder task. Read on further to discover what you can do to make this time more memorable. 

🔖 Read: We won’t remember much of what we did in the pandemic - Tim Harford

Become better 💪

Learning the samurai way

The samurai have been long revered as warriors of both the mind and body. They have passed into legend for their commitment to a code of honour, their calm ferocity and mental fortitude. 

What can we learn from this special class of humans on how to be our best? One of them is simply to be calm - the idea that a still mind thinks clearest and sharpest.

🔖 Read: Lessons From The Samurai: The Secret To Always Being At Your Best - Eric Barker

‍Stay woke 👀​

‘Robots’ Are Not ‘Coming for Your Job’ — Management Is

This piece makes it clear how the billionaires of the world have accumulated a disgusting (dare I say criminal?) amount of resources and how they have manipulated the system to ensure they stay on top and keep their wealth and power. 

As with previous articles and commentaries, there is clear evidence that over the years productivity has been increasing while wages remain stagnant - all the profit is going to the wealthy. More so, these wealthy elites are the people who will support more automation and espouse the virtues of the “free market” all while squeezing their employees on minimum wage. 

Robots are inevitable, but whether we use them to benefit the super elite creating a serfdom in the process, or lift all of humanity out of the trappings of labour and servitude is up to us. Don’t let the billionaires at the top get away with it so easily.

🔖 Read: Why there’s a growing divide between poor and rich - Cache Baba - Medium

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