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#14: Be busy but never rushed

October 26, 2020

Quote 📜

“We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give” - Vernon Jordan

Healthy body 🏋️

Beans - healthy or dangerous?

I recently came across a talk involving Dr Gundry, the author of The Plant Paradox - a somewhat controversial book in its vilification of certain plants, notably beans, grains and tomatoes. The beans and grains are in the spotlight due to their lectin content - a protein that’s described as an anti-nutrient (something produced by the plant as a defense mechanism to deter animals and insects from eating it). 

Beans and grains have been a staple of my diet for a while, so naturally this was concerning. Looking deeper into lectins, and the process by which we cook beans - the science clearly shows that we are well in the clear. Boiling beans for 30 mins completely destroys the lectins which is good news because beans need to be cooked for over an hour before it is properly edible. Not only are they not bad, they are also quite good for you. Beans and grains are a staple of Blue Zone groups - special communities that have the longest living people in the world. 

Naturally, it can be hard to know who to trust when given contrasting information. A criteria I look at when parsing information sources is the incentives and motives behind their actions and words. Compare, for example, Dr Gundry’s wide range of anti-lectin products versus Dr Greger’s research based non-profit organisation aimed at free science-based nutritional information for everyone.

📺 Watch: How to avoid lectin poisoning - Dr Greger

Healthy mind 😌

The secret to happiness

How does one stay happy amidst all this turmoil? According to the author, the secret is to “be busy, but never rushed”

I found this concept highly refreshing. For me, it’s living with the idea that while you have a lot to do, none of it needs to be done now. This always gives you the opportunity to take a break, stop and appreciate the moment and react and be there for others when times are critical. This will naturally give you the feeling of being in control of your life, leading to more satisfaction and happiness. 

🔖 Read: Is being busy the secret to happiness? - Eric Barker

Entrepreneurship  🧠

A new type of CEO needed

Silicon Valley has been leading the world in setting the benchmark for the pace and style in which companies grow and are governed. A popular mental model to come out is the “peacetime CEO/ wartime CEO” framework - a dichotomy illustrating the two different personalities needed to lead a company, given two different kinds of economic markets or rather company positions within a market. During peace, the company enjoys healthy margins and fantastic growth. During war, many things are going wrong. Revenues, products, customers are all on the line. During this time, you want someone who can make decisions fast, and make hard decisions. 

However, the “wartime CEO” mentality can easily be abused by being used as an excuse to exploit employees, degrading the culture, sometimes irreversibly, in the process. In the pursuit of objective material results, the human element of the business is ignored. We have all seen the impact when companies focus more on the numbers produced than the humans within it, and the covid19 pandemic has definitely made this divide worse. Now, more than ever, we need human-centric CEOs leading the way to a more inclusive future.  

🔖 Read: The Rise of the Human-Centric CEO - Steve Schlafman

Think better 💪

Why reading is one of the best ways to get smarter

Reading is a skill, an ability, a super power. Through reading you can access another person's thoughts through using your own mind. When you do that, you train those same neural connections and pathways. As such, those thoughts become a part of you. 

However, read too much and your head will only be filled with the thoughts of others. You must create space for your own thoughts to emerge and evolve, especially in response to the thoughts of others you may gather. 

And because your thoughts are so heavily influenced by what you have read, choosing the right things to read, while avoiding the detrimental, is essential to creating a strong educated mind.

🔖 Read: Arthur Schopenhauer: On Reading and Books - Shane Parrish

Become better 💪

Knowing who you are

One of the most common threads of wisdom I’ve seen over the years was the concept of “understanding who you are”. I think it’s one of those things that's so important, it cannot be understated.

Bob Proctor is an inspirational speaker, and, in the featured video, talks about the power of getting to know yourself. I do not think it a stepping stone to success, but one of the main goals of one’s life. For when you know who you are, who you desire to be, what you value and what you stand for, your decisions and path in this world becomes that much more clear. You move with conviction and purpose, with confidence.

In addition, when you know who you are, you start living your life for that person, and not the person that was created by society, that was handed to you by way of cultural norms and societal values. 

📺 Watch: Do you know who you are? - Bob Proctor

‍Stay woke 👀​

Have facemasks failed?

I work from home, so I’m lucky in that I hardly use facemasks, but I have experienced the social discomfort it causes when I go to the store or to the gym. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, many people are having to travel, work and even train with masks on.  

But, is it working? For all we know, this could be an example of another iatrogenic measure by “authority”. The featured article shares data from Ireland, which has instituted mandatory masks for over 6 months now. However, no proof has emerged that this has been effective. As the article states, “Where is the evidence that near-universal mask wearing has worked to suppress Covid 19?”

With South Africa already down the same path, I fear that more harm is being caused and worse -  a new social precedent is being set, one that separates us, scares us and limits our freedom and humanity. After all, a future without smiles is not a pleasant one, is it?

🔖 Read: Real talk: Have facemasks failed? - John McGuirk

Meme motivation 🥇

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