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#12: Superfoods, Kayfabe and becoming a multi-hyphenate

October 12, 2020

Quote 📜

"Every action you take is a vote for the person you want to become” - James Clear

Healthy body 🏋️

4 science-based “superfoods”

While “superfoods” can be an overrated phrase, there have been some potent compounds that have proven themselves to be worthy of that title time and time again. Two of these -  garlic and dark berries -  are easy to consume. Blueberries in particular have been touted for their brain boosting effects. 👌 

Spirulina is the third superfood recommended, and it’s something I only started taking recently. Leafy greens is the fourth superfood and validates the age-old wisdom of “eat your greens”.

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Entrepreneurship  🧠

How to know if you’re in the wrong business

They say you can either learn from your own experiences or the experiences of others. When it comes to entrepreneurship, I think this is one of the best ways to enhance your own growth. Stories like the one shared by Khe reaffirm for me what is important in life. It also reminds me that life is too short to be pursuing anything less than what you truly desire. 

Learn why Khe quit after reaching the peak of a Wall Street career. When you understand his mindset and values you’ll know why such a choice was an obvious one.

🔖 Read/ 🎧 Listen: Money is tape - Khe Hy

Building products 💻

Why you’re thinking about Product-Market fit wrong 

Brian Balfour is one of the frontline thinkers on building products and user growth. In this article, he really takes the concept of product-market fit to a whole new level. Understanding that your product exists in a dynamic relationship between the channel, the market and the founder itself is an idea that has profound and tangible consequences. 

The key idea: Start with the market (the people and problem), then iterate towards the solution

🔖 Read: The Road to a $100M Company Doesn’t Start with Product — Brian Balfour

Think better 🤔

Don’t get caught in the Kayfabe

I first came across this concept when I heard Eric Weinstein speak on a Joe Rogan podcast, and I’ve considered him one of the deepest thinkers around ever since. The article linked explains the concept of Kayfabe well, and once grasped will let you see the world a little more clearly.

The concept, taken from the world of wrestling, stems from the fact that, *spoiler alert*, wrestling matches are fake. They are designed performances with actors playing their rehearsed roles. This engineering of a performance (battle, contest) is called Kayfabe.

The interesting thing? This is not just limited to wrestling. Politics and business are subject to Kayfabe in that they are oftentimes shown as a battle between various opposing sides. However, the truth is that both “opponents” also work together to achieve larger goals and outcomes the public is (largely) not aware of.

🔖 Read: What scientific concept would improve everybody's cognitive toolkit? - Eric Weinstein

Become better 💪

Why becoming a multi-hyphenate is a great idea

It can be daunting when you reach adulthood and the voice of experts echo one thing - specialize. As someone with multiple interests, it can be hard to know which fields to pursue further and which to cut off. We are all people with multiple interests, so this is a problem we all face at some point. 

The good news is that the author advocates that you still follow some passions on the side, and not to cut them out to create a singular focus. What’s to be noted is that successful people who have achieved mastery in one field have usually achieved high skill in another showing that it is quite common for people to have more than one area of expertise. In addition, being skilled and knowledgeable in multiple different fields gives you a unique perspective, and hence a unique edge, at the intersection of those fields.

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Work better 💪

Follow the schedule of successful people

Eric Barker’s blog, Barking up the Wrong Tree  always provides actionable advice, and this article is no different. The importance of a morning ritual is something I wholeheartedly agree with, and is usually the secret to my own day. Attacking the most important thing first is something that’s been highly recommended and offers a way to secure important victories early in the workday. 

Another tip that was quite useful was limiting meetings and human interactions to a specific part of the day, rather than having them ad-hoc which inevitably breaks flow throughout your day. Read the rest to discover how to manage your day like the pros.

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