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#11: Beat sitting, become an autodidact and... Bitcoin?

October 5, 2020

Quote 📜

"Don't let your schooling get in the way of your education” - Mark Twain

Entrepreneurs mind🧠

The story of building a multi-million dollar business

I really enjoy reading up on founder stories - how people start from only an idea and build it up to a large revenue-generating business. I not only find the story inspirational but also educational. By learning how founders think about things, how they make decisions, I can better shape my own thoughts and actions. They also serve as a useful benchmark to determine if this is the kind of life I would enjoy.

The featured article is one of those stories. The topic of health is always contentious and finding objective, easy to understand information based on actual science is a real mission. The story is about, a company founded to fulfil such a mission.

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Healthy body 🏋️

How to combat the “new smoking” - sitting

By now, you’ve heard enough talk about the danger of extended periods of sitting. Some of the negative effects are decreased insulin sensitivity and reduced circulation. When you think about it, our bodies are not machines that were built to be in a static position for long periods - we were meant to be roaming the savannahs and swinging from the trees. To be hunting and gathering.

However, given the nature of modern working life, sitting is one of the hardest things to avoid. What’s more useful is to know how you can counter the effects of sitting, which inevitably you will do. The helpful exercises proposed are GBS: the Grab, the Bridge, and the Squat. What’s great is these can be done in a 1-2 minute break between work periods.

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Live better 💪

Finding purpose and living meaningfully

I really enjoy reading timeless pieces of advice like this letter from Hunter Thompson, sent to a friend when he was only 22. What I like about it is that the letter starts with frank humility, stating that any advice at the end of the day needs to be taken within the context (and from the man) it is given. After all, anybody giving you advice is merely sharing what worked for them in their situation.

What works for one might not necessarily work for another. Yet, there are commonalities seen in the striving for a meaningful life, a life of purpose. I think periodically reminding yourself of what these are, and of your own journey, is key to remaining faithful to that hero’s journey.

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Building products 💻

Getting the product strategy right

I watched this highly educational and entertaining talk by Des Traynor over 2 years ago and it made a big dent in improving how I thought about developing products. I’m sure many of you have had an idea for an app or a website or even a drop-shopping business. How do you know you are investing your time in something that will last and will have enough value in it for you? More so, how do you actually invest your time now to increase the odds of success of your idea becoming a sustainable and growing business?

An important question, to begin with, is how can we last more than 1 hype cycle? How can we build products that will be in demand regardless of the hype?

If you want to get into product development, want to turn your idea into a business or just curious about how to start thinking more like a creator, this talk is for you.

📺 Watch: Getting product strategy right

Become better 💪

Autodidact - a skill you need to perfect

An autodidact - a self-taught person, is someone who learns without the benefit of a formal education structure. I think that there has always been a need for such skill and it is in even greater need today. The educational institutions offer academic rigor, but the relevance of the information itself is fading away rapidly. You need to be able to bridge that gap on your own.

The pace at which the world changes means you must be able to learn and adapt to survive. Indeed this is what we have done as a species for millennia. So you need to keep that tradition alive and learn from as many sources as possible. Books, articles, videos, podcasts, interviews, courses, manuals and just plain attempting it yourself. Once you figure out how YOU specifically learn and continue the pursuit of self-improvement on some dimension, success, in my mind, will become inevitable.

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Stay woke 👀​

Bitcoin rising in credibility for companies

I count Bitcoin as one of the greatest and most significant inventions in my lifetime, and it is currently over 10 years old. It is a type of distributed computer that works by having multiple players contribute processing power to run and secure the system. They subsequently earn rewards for keeping the ledger secure, i.e. the computer running.

Over the years, Bitcoin’s prominence and market capitalization has been steadily growing. Recently, I have seen some prominent companies decide to keep their cash reserves partly in this currency. The business case is quite strong when you look at the performance over the last 10 years and understand the fundamentals of the technology. And if companies have put this much thought into it (like billion-dollar public company Microstrategy) and made the decision to invest, you should ask yourself - why haven’t you?

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