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#10: What are you training for?

September 28, 2020

Quote 📜

"We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training” - Archilochus

Entrepreneurs mind🧠

Have you ever heard about “1,000 true fans”?

This is a trendy concept in entrepreneurship culture and was made famous by Kevin Kelley (see article linked). But what is the "tl,dr" and why is there so much hype around it these days?

tl,dr: To earn a living as a creative, you do not need millions of customers. You need 1,000 true fans who will buy about $100 of product from you in a year. This gives you $100,000 in direct revenue, per year, which is a livable income alone. But there will be more revenue than this in total, as every true fan influences their circle and brings with them the lesser fans, occasional supporters and first-timers. The math is rough, and meant to be indicative. At the end of the day, you need to focus on creating something that a thousand people or so will really love and buy it from you without a second thought.

The hype? Well my hypothesis here is that covid-19 put a lot of people out of work. In fact, the last article I read stated 40 million people lost their jobs in the US alone.. Now, people have realised more than ever that a job is not a guarantee of a stable (and lasting) income. The rise of no-code, drop-shipping, the solopreneurship has been kicking into high gear. People realise they do not need to become huge, they must just serve a specific market really well to the point they become true fans.

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Healthy body 🏋️

10 tips for better sleep

I hope that you all now know the benefits and importance of sleep, from the links I shared in Slipstream #1 and Slipstream #3. But like any new habit, it can be hard to stick with and it’s easy to default to the old ways. Repetition is needed to increase the learning and our ability to translate that into action. So, it’s time for an update on how to achieve better sleep. 

The article shared has quick and simple tips on what to avoid and what to get more of to improve your quality of sleep. 

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Live better 💪

True wealth is not feeling rushed

One of the hardest things about transitioning to adult life is that nobody gives you a report card anymore. You don’t know what success is, only what other people view it as. But the more you speak and learn about people the more you realise everyone is different and has different things they hold in high esteem. You realise that life is about choosing your own metrics of success and then working towards them. 

A lot of what is commonly talked about is the hustle; a constant quest to sleep less and never be satisfied with what you have. What I like about this article is that it talks about what true wealth actually feels like. At the end of the day, we’re not meant to be living rushed from task to task all the time.

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Think better 🤔

The Zettelkasten method

“Over the span of thirty years, Niklas Luhmann published more than 70 books and nearly 400 academic articles“ - yes, 70 books. In 30 years. A feat so amazing if I hadn’t heard it I wouldn’t have believed it possible. More amazing is that I’ve never even heard of this author before!

Regardless of the content, his sheer quantity of output shows that he had a lot of ideas he wanted to share with the world. The secret to his prolific writing was a great tool for memory and idea connection. He impressively used to store ideas on little cards, each with their own index numbers linking it to other cards and topics. Now this method has gained popularity in many knowledge management systems and methods. 

In fact, I use something similar in my own digital knowledge management system, which I’ve built upon Evernote.

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Work better 💪

Why you should forget about setting goals

James Clear is a master of personal improvement and working with habits. I read his book twice (and made copious notes along the way). The knowledge he shares in the article comes from one of the chapter of his book. What I loved was how actionable it was across many dimensions of life.

While we can all have lofty aspirations, we can sometimes just get stuck in the “daydream phase”. The way to take action is by turning that lofty goal into a process (system) that you can follow. By focusing on the system, the process, the training, you are focusing on what is in front of you. You are taking small actionable steps every time.

How have I been applying this? Well, I started attempting learning a new language not too long ago. I wanted to commit to a long term goal (3-5 years) and develop the daily discipline to work on it. With a 5-words-a-day rule I may only be ~300 words down but I’ve already felt the power of trusting the process. 

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Meta 📄 / Experiment I’m trying 

Referral prizes and crowdsourcing ideas

Okay friends, I believe it’s time to get serious about growing this newsletter. 

Right now, everybody is being bombarded by negativity and hopelessness. It can be confusing and feel like you have to do it all on your own. 

The Slipstream is here to show you a better way is possible. There is wisdom and knowledge out there, left for us by people who want us to succeed. And I truly believe that knowledge is (potential) power. I want to give this power to as many people as possible. It’s so easy to do so as well, all I need is an email address and a name.

So, I’m enlisting you to spread this power to as many people as possible. 

But that’s not to say there won’t be some enticing rewards at stake. Now, I would love a Playstation 5 as much as the next person, but let’s keep the wishlist to the realm of the reasonable (for 2020 at least 😉)

Some ideas I had (or crowd-sourced) for referral rewards:

  • Voucher for coffee at Seattle/ Vida
  • Coffee mugs aka branded swag
  • E-book bundle 
  • Special/free access to an exclusive community
  • Personal life-coaching / consulting sessions

Meme museum 🥇

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