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#09: Creation over consumption

September 21, 2020

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"The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time" - Henry Ford

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Creativity vs consumption

This was an enjoyable conversation on the importance of maintaining a balance between creating and consuming. Knowing how much this lifestyle encourages us to consume, it wouldn’t be a wild guess to suggest you are overconsuming. I believe I (still) am, and I don’t even have a Netflix account!

The thing is, we all have a limited amount of hours in the day. And the more you dedicate those hours to consuming, whether that be scrolling on social media, food, watching series or even reading, the less time you have to be creating. 

Creation, I believe, is something that is inherent to human nature. Our curiosity to explore and to create solutions is what makes us human. Creating is engaging; requiring much more of our energy and attention, and gets us more into the “flow state”. You don’t always have to be creating art; gardening, cooking and even writing are basic forms of creation we can all partake in.

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Live better 💪

Working on the ingredients of success

When you take luck out of the equation, there is one thing common among all people that are successful - they have regular empowering habits that sets them up for success. By adopting and following these habits ourselves, we are able to gain the same powers of productivity as these successful people and bring ourselves closer to our own goals. 

I’ve personally been employing some of these rules for years before coming across this article. I’ve maintained a strong morning ritual, and whenever I deviated I felt a large loss of productivity. Similarly, scheduling interactions with people in the afternoon seems to be much better when managing my energy, and that's what suggested by the author. Read on to pick up the rest of the tips.

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Designing products 💻

The beauty of bad design

This was an interesting piece that makes you look at the design of products in a completely different way. The purposeful bad design of a product can evoke inquisitive, curious questions. It’s a stark reminder of the need to question the true purpose of the products (and solutions) we design.

What’s a better takeaway from reading this is that afterwards you cannot help but see the bad design in the everyday products and services we use. These “bad designs” are opportunities to imagine, design and create a more pleasant user experience, and that’s a great thing to practice. 

Because ultimately, the experience of a product is a core part of the product itself. 

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Think better 🤔

Iatrogenic - the word you didn’t know, but the meaning you do

There’s always that moment where someone comes in at the last minute to try and save the day. They almost seem to move in slow motion as they come in, they reach out with an outstretched hand and…. just make a blunder out of it! 

Believe it or not, that is what’s called being iatrogenic. On a more formal definition, it's where the intervention steps (the actions that were intended to remedy the situation) actually make the situation worse than if the intervention hadn’t happened at all. 

In the article, the author points out multiple examples from the medical field - a field we notoriously know much less than what is commonly thought. And speaking of medical/health issues, we are somewhat in the middle of one right now. And there have been plenty of examples of interventions making the situation worse.  

Based on the evidence coming out today, it seems the virus is not as deadly as what was initially portrayed. However, the actions taken by the government have (already) dramatically altered our way of life. The measures taken have been shown to be overreaching and resulting in drastic long-term consequences on the economy and our way of life. The measures have been criticized by some experts for its harmful impact. That sounds pretty iatrogenic to me.

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Work better 💪

Productivity advice from a Digital Project Manager

I was surprised with how universal and helpful these principles were in making my days more predictable, less stressful and ultimately more productive. 

When you think about it, we are all digital project managers these days. We all have email, WhatsApp, folders and cloud, not to mention the growing number of other digital tools. We all run basic projects in various forms, even they are just part of #Project_LIFE. 

With Covid-19, I’ve seen the increasing pressure on people to become more digitally savvy and to be able to use new tools every week. If you’re feeling that pressure, this article will definitely help you gain some more time and mental space in your life. Just commit to a new tactic or two as an experiment and see what the results show! I particularly liked the Eisenhower Matrix and the To-Don’t list.

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‍Stay woke 👀​

How valuable is a (traditional) college degree?

It was not too long ago that Google and Microsoft waived the degree requirements for new recruits. They realised that there were lots of people that were educating themselves in a non-traditional way. When it comes to a skill like coding, there are other ways to become competent and skilled. So instead they focused on acquiring people with actual talent and skills, not people with degrees that were proxies for actual ability. Based on that alone, I was already advising people to rethink a 4-year engineering degree. 

Now, they’ve shaken it up even further by creating a new certification program that is completable in 6 months and gets you ready for jobs that are in-demand today. In particular, there are programs for Project Management, Data Analyst and UX Designer. These are skills that I am upgrading and learning about at this very moment.

In the digital space, the ways to make money and the kind of skills needed to do so are changing at a rapid pace. Tools are outpacing themselves. The rise of the “no-code” movement soon means technical programming skill is not essential when starting a business on the internet, but understanding software and its larger role in product creation is. 

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