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#07: Steal from comfort

September 7, 2020

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"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better" - Jim Rohn

Entrepreneurs mind🧠

Stealing from comfort

Last week I shared one of my inspirations, “How to make wealth”. One of the key ideas was that when you join a startup, you compress the traditional 40-year career into a time span of less than a decade, and sometimes even half a decade. The only way to do that is to get hyper-focused with your energy and maximise your time.​

Derek Sivers, in the article shared, discusses how to get more time back if this is truly the life you want to pursue. An extraordinary life requires doing non-conventional things. And choosing to pursue less comfort is one of those things.

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Healthy body🏋

The water-only fast

Last week I shared my desire to go on a water-only fast after reading an article about someone who went on a 5 day one. The benefits were clear, and while I was supposed to have finished the fast by now, I underestimated my fridge stock. That means I've only started Day 1 today! But, I have started and that's what counts. I'm also keeping a log so I will release a small post about my experience when this is over. ​

Anyways, shortly after I read that blog post, I came across this podcast on water-only fasting. I listened to it and found out that water fasting is not something new at all. In fact, most religions have some form of a fast that’s taking place. It's one of the few things that;s common across religions in fact. ​

The guest, Dr Goldhammer, has a medical center which has been taking people on anything from 21 to 40-day water-only fasts under medical supervision. He talks in-depth about the physiological changes the body undergoes and how fasting was a natural part of the human lifestyle prior to the abundant civilization we are living in.

Another fascinating benefit of the fast is that it offers a full reset to the body from the highly stimulating foods of sugar, oil and salt. Dr G. refers to these as SOS foods.

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Live better 💪

Advice from a Stoic

Ryan Holiday is a successful author and a deep follower of Stoic philosophy. Ryan apprenticed under Robert Greene when he was just 18 and became the youngest executive at American Apparel. He has lived an interesting life and written several best-sellers. Yet he is still quite young, and so his writing remains relatable and is still evolving as he does. ​

His advice here is really great, and something I’ve been reflecting on a few times recently. I can guarantee that whatever problem or issue you are facing right now, there is some wisdom here that can point you in the right direction towards resolving it.

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Designing products 💻

How do you actually become a Product Designer?

Many people have an idea for a product or have thought up some quirky solution to their problem but just don’t know what to do next. How do you go from idea to an actual product in the hands of people? How do you turn that into a business to boot?

Well, the article below shows the answer to at least the Product Design question. There is a fairly well-defined process that can be easily followed the article describes those 6 steps in detail. 

In a nutshell: It starts by gaining a good understanding of the problem. You enhance this with research which after analyses informs the range of designs you can build. You then implement those solutions, or parts thereof and test them against important criteria. This data is recorded and analysed and the learning facilitates the next round of product development

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Cool tech 😎

2020: Flying cars are here

From the company that wants to become the “Toyota of flying cars”, we see what they’ve got for us - the SD-03 vehicle. It is quite amazing, and to think we live in a time when these will soon be easily purchasable! 

Welcome to the future.

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Motivational wisdom🥇

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