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What happy readers say about The Slipstream

“Navigating the Internet or social media today can often be likened to standing under an outfall, being drenched in sewage. What The Slipstream provides is a transport away, from needing to rifle through waste, and up, high into the mountains, where you can drink from fresh springs. Like its namesake, The Slipstream offers you the benefit of someone else sprinting ahead of you. Every item, along with Karmsheel's open-minded commentary, is dense with value, practical and eye-opening. Laid out neat and tidy, The Slipstream allows the reader to zone in on what matters to them. The issues are accessible, the tone is balanced - neither too campy nor too cynical; perfect for the age we live in. I recommend The Slipstream: it is a truly unique way to stay enlightened.”
Naven Naidoo
“In a world where our attention is constantly being competed for, The Slipstream compiles topical pearls of wisdom in an easy-to-digest format.”
Sarvesha Moodley
" I think slipstream is definitely hitting it's intended goal. I cannot think of anywhere else that you can receive an abundance of information on topics that really captivate you."
Neilan Naidoo
“The slipstream always seems to know which topics interest me. The readings are relevant and informative. I love starting my week with these snippets of wisdom.”
Jonathan Dankers
"I don't do much digging these days so it's kinda nice to see everything in one place"
Nuan van der Neut
"Loving the Slipstream man 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽"
Jasanth Moodley
"I'm enjoying the Slipstream newsletter. I found the mental toughness article and articles like that helpful. Its a bit of positivity when you need it sometimes."
Julian Moodley
"Just the right amount of info to take in on a Monday evening (not sure if the timing is strategic haha)"
Yusuf Shaikh
"I think its great. And its awesome that it's not restricted to a certain area or subject. I feel like different people can find at least 1 article that would appeal to them."
Taryska Morgan
"Really enjoying the content, the topics somehow always spark interest and are excellently curated. It's certainly living up to the slipstream definition!"
Garin Morgan
"I really enjoyed the Product Strategy video from Des Traynor that you linked to in the latest Slipstream! Thanks 😊"
Josiah Meyer
"This blog is so dope! I'm really enjoying the content"
Shanice Paul

💡 The idea

A slipstream - “The area behind a vehicle moving through something where there is not so much air resistance (if moving through air, this can be used to gain speed before overtaking someone in a race.) “- Urban Dictionary

The world is full of amazing knowledge and experiences, created and discovered by people who took the time and effort to go further into the unknown than the rest of us. They learnt something, and then they decided to share it. Through that, we, as the human species, benefited.

Through the knowledge and lessons left by others, you can move faster and with less effort. They've done the hard work of going first.

You just need to join the slipstream left behind.

No spam, no junk. Only actionable, insightful content. Unsubscribe anytime
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